Find the Perfect Modest Wedding Dress

In the endless sea of strapless wedding dresses, it is difficult to find a perfect modest wedding gown. However, this article makes your search for your wedding dress easy. Here is how you go about selecting the best one.

Today, when showing your skin is the “in” thing, it is difficult to find a wedding dress with a high neckline and full sleeves. Moreover, a conservative wedding gown is an integral part of the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) community. The selection of LDS gowns or modest wedding dresses requires specific knowledge about the styles and shapes available. If you feel lost about finding such a dress, do not worry, this Buzzle article will provide you with the necessary information to find the perfect, beautiful and elegant modest wedding dress.

Factors You Need to Consider to Find Your Modest Wedding Dress

Always consider your figure when you go wedding dress shopping, as the right modest gown can accentuate your assets and hide your flaws. Generally, there are five basic cuts available in these wedding dress style, namely, A-line, ball gown, empire waist, mermaid shape and sheath or column. Select the one which suits your body type the best.

While considering the color of your dress, make sure you pick the one that complements your skin tone. Brides with a fair complexion should consider shades of warm colors, whereas those with dusky skin should opt for lighter shades. Most brides look absolutely stunning in a slightly off-white shade.

Initially, neckline styles for modest wedding dresses were restricted. However, today designers have come up with a variety of necklines to choose from. The question of a low neckline does not arise here, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are showing too much skin. Carefully choose your neckline as it can make or break the look of your dress. If you are short, choose a neckline that will lengthen your torso and make you look tall. If you are tall, go in for a stand neck, it will accentuate your body shape and make you look good.

Sleeve Length
While you select the length of the sleeves, consider the season you are getting married in. You don’t want to freeze in winter, wearing a gown with cap sleeves. Therefore, if you are getting married in winter, three-fourth or full sleeves should serve the purpose, and in case it is a summer wedding, cap sleeves or short sleeves should be perfect.

Personalize Your Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

An apple-shaped woman usually carries weight around her mid-section. She has boarder shoulders as compared to her hips. This type of body is challenging to dress. Therefore, you have to be careful and try to find a dress that does not hug your body, but just skims it. Go in for fuller skirts as they would try to visually define your waist and take the attention away from your heavier top. Make sure you do not go in for a tight-fitting dress as that would highlight your flaws instead of hiding them. Avoid puffed sleeves, or any fancy sleeves for that matter, as they make your upper body appear wider. Warm colors disguise the flaws in an apple-shaped body type.

A slender upper body and large hip measurement is what defines a pear-shaped woman. While selecting your prefect wedding gown, the key is to play your strengths like flaunting your fabulous arms. A-line dresses are the best choices here. Try dresses with patterns and ruffles in the top section, which will add a little more volume to your bust. Try to keep your sleeves short to flaunt your arms. Lighter colors would complement your body type and give you a more flattering look by highlighting your strengths.

Considered to be the most prefect figure; an hourglass figure is the easiest to dress. Nothing needs to be enhanced nor hidden, it is already proportional. So, brides with this kind of figure can pull off anything. However, there are a few things you must avoid. Stay away from heavily beaded dresses, as they are likely to make your upper body look fat. Bodices look great with this type of body, as they naturally enhance your curves. An hourglass woman really has a lot of options to choose from, feel lucky to have been blessed with such figure.

So, ready to go shopping? Get to the store and select the best one for you. Remember, not to compromise on anything. If you want the dress to be in a particular way, ask the designer to work a little extra on the dress you have selected, after all, it is your big day and things should happen the way you want them to.

Clean Leather Shoes with Vinegar

  • Leather shoes are a must have in any man’s wardrobe. They can be worn with formal clothes in the office or with funky ones at a party. Leather shoes make a man look classy and smart, all at once. The only hitch is, if not taken care of, leather shoes can lose their shine and start looking old within months of purchase. This is especially true when stains are left on the shoes for long and nobody bothers to clean them up!

    Today, the market is flooded with commercial products, which can clean all kinds of stains from your leather shoes. However, a cheaper, chemical-free alternative is available at your home itself. It is the plain old white vinegar!

    Tips for Cleaning Leather Shoes

  • Start with removing the laces from your shoes. You can clean them separately in a washing machine, along with the other clothes. After this, you can clean the shoes with vinegar.
  • Take a soft cloth and remove all the dust and debris that might be lying on them. Take care to use a soft cloth, as a rough one can leave marks on your shoes. Next, prepare a solution with white vinegar and linseed oil. Vinegar and linseed oil should be in the ratio of one is to two. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle, so that when you apply it on the shoes, it gets spread evenly.
  • Spray the mixture on your shoes. Cover each and every part of the shoe while spraying. Now, take a clean cloth and with it, rub the mixture on the shoe in circular motions. This should spread it on the entire shoe and remove the accumulated dust on it as well. The cloth might get soiled with the debris, so you would need to change it a couple of times, while carrying on this process. You may need to spray the vinegar and linseed oil solution, a few more times, if the shoes are very dirty.
  • Let the mixture stay on the shoes for about ten to twelve hours. After that, take a clean, dry cloth, rub the shoes with it and remove the solution as well as the dirt from the shoes. This should remove all the dust, debris and stains from it.

Vinegar is a great remedy for cleaning salt stains from your shoes. For salt stains, prepare a solution with one part white vinegar and one part water. Take a clean cloth, soak it with the solution and press it on the entire shoe, especially the part where salt stain is there. This should remove the salt stain from the shoe. This home remedy can prove to be very effective, provided the stain is removed as soon as it occurs. As salt can ruin the leather, so there should be no delay in removing salt stains from your shoes.

If you want to increase the life of your leather shoes, you should make it a habit of polishing them at least once a month. Use a creamy shoe polish as it works the best on leather shoes. While polishing, always use circular motions, so that the leather does not get spoiled. Another thing is to apply leather conditioner on them, twice a year. This will keep the softness, solidity and shine of the leather shoes intact for years!

Cracks in the shoes, a lackluster appearance, worn out look, are some of the things that you may experience if you do not care for your leather shoes and if you do not remove the stains from it in time. So, make use of all the tips suggested above, to keep your shoes looking new forever!
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Tips to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

There are very few people whose eyes don’t light up at the sight of gold. The shiny metal has been the most coveted object on Earth, since ancient times. A lot of people may advise you that the best investment in recession is gold and silver. Stock prices may fall and investment in any other security may not work for you, but gold investment always works. Even though gold prices do fluctuate, they have always been on the positive growth curve and many people who have put their faith and money in gold, have been rewarded handsomely.

A word of caution before we move ahead. Beware of scam artists who put up websites and pose as gold buyers. They promise you a higher-than-market price and dupe you in the end. If you must make an online transaction, then make sure that you do so, only after you have verified the authenticity of the website.

Selling it For Cash

Selling jewelry is a transaction that you must carry out carefully, if you expect to expect to get paid, according to the current market prices. The three questions that should pop up in your mind are – How to evaluate purity of the jewelry? How and where can you sell it? Let me answer all these questions, in that order.

Evaluate Purity
Firstly, test and evaluate the purity of your gold. The price you get is a function of its purity. Gold purity is measure in carats. 24 carat is the purest form of gold. Any value in carats, less than 24, means that your jewelry contains other metals mixed in. The carat value is engraved on it nowadays. Using a magnifying glass, if you carefully observe the surface of the jewelry piece, you will find that the value is engraved on it. If it is an antique or heirloom piece, you will need to get its purity evaluated by a jewelry store. You can take help from the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, to evaluate it.

Check Out Latest Gold Prices
After you know what is the purity value of the gold in carat, you must check out what are the current prices of the metal in the bullion market. Calculate the per gram value, from the market quoted value, and then get the price of your jewelry evaluated according to its carat value. Jewelry stores can do that for you.

Find a Good Seller
The best place to sell is to make the transaction at a certified jewelry store. Another option is to sell it to a gold scrap dealer. The second option is the least recommended as you will get a better price at a jewelry store. Other option is to sell the piece of gold in an auction if it’s an heirloom piece of great value. Selling gold in an auction can fetch a much higher price for it, than market value, if it is a really old and rare antique piece. You could sell the gold online, but remember that this remains the least secure of all options.

As I said before, make sure that you check the authenticity of the buyer, before going for a sale. Rather than going for online sales, I would personally suggest that you go and sell your jewelry in person and handle the whole transaction on your own. Make sure that you get the purity evaluated before you go in for an actual sale. Ensure that you are paid according to the quality of the jewelry in carats and according to the current market prices. Don’t settle for anything less than what you are entitled to.

Tips to Be Stylish On a Budget

With the credit crunch upon us, the female dilemma is how to stay fashionable on a budget. You can do so by trying out some fashion tips that let you show your fashion sense but also keeps you within a budget. Believe it or not, to be fashionable, you need not spend a fortune; you can be fashionable even within a limited budget.

The cheapest way to look fashionable is to wear matching accessories with your outfits to give an instant different look. Accessories like earrings, beaded necklaces and bracelets are easily available at cheap prices. Buy accessories that can go with multiple colour dresses.

Get fashion magazines see what’s in fashion now. Make a list of the details in the original and then go to regular shops (not brands) and pick some clothes that match your finds. But first check what you already have in your wardrobe. Make sure that you can wear every item on that list with at least 3 other garments in your wardrobe to achieve new looks. This will ensure maximum price per wear for every item you buy.

When you enter a shop, look around. Identify your budget and a list of what you actually need before hitting the shops. DO NOT go shopping without a list as you can easily lose focus and convince yourself that you something that you don’t.

Do not get fake knock off designer brands as it shows that they are fake. They can be spotted from a mile away and really cheapen your image.

Plain neutral coloured shirts, a good pair of flattering jeans, simple knee-length skirts, simple jackets and a good quality handbag are examples of wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. The idea should be to build up your wardrobe by spending more on great staples that will last and use cheaper shops for this seasons fashion updates. Cheap clothing shops have a place in every woman’s wardrobe. However, it should not consume the entire wardrobe! Cheap clothing shops are great for updating your look quickly and cheaply. However in order to remain looking chic, they need to be mixed and matched with quality items. Because the cheap clothes often lack quality, this means they won’t look great after been worn a few times.

Women who look after their clothes always look more stylish and groomed. Look after your clothes by reading and following the washing labels. They are there for a reason so stick to them. Dry clean as little as possible as it can strip fabrics of their natural sheen. Iron and hang garments up properly. Everything should be ready to wear that’s hanging in your wardrobe. All your clothes will remain looking new for so much longer and look more expensive.

Get your money’s worth and get your money back. eBay is a great source for buying and selling clothes. You can always find great deals if you search around, and if you take good care of your own clothes, you’ll find a market for them as well.

If you find something you like in a designer shop, look online and see if you can get a cheaper price by buying it from the designer directly.

Go through your wardrobe and check each item. Could it be updated with a little sewing? Does it need shortening or straightening? Does it need new buttons or ribbon? Add some embellishments to bring it up to date? Repair those broken stitches and fallen hems.

Organize your friends and have a clothes swapping party. Get your friends and all their friends to bring along the clothes they don’t wear, no longer fit or don’t know why they bought and have a rummage! Include shoes and handbags. Add a few bottles of wine and enjoy a girl’s night in together.