Effective Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

It is very important to keep jewelry clean and sparkling. Jewelry looks dull if it is not cleaned regularly. A good cleaner helps to keep the jewelry in a good condition; however, it is very important to choose your cleaner correctly. A strong cleaning solution can not only cause harm to your jewelry but also to your hands.

Nowadays, various types of jewelry cleaning devices are available in the market, such as ultrasonic and jewelry steam cleaners. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are electronically operated, and help your jewelry retain its original shine. However, it is always safer to clean the jewelry at home, instead of using any electronic device. Sometimes, delicate jewelry like diamonds or precious stones may get fractured in the cleaning machine.

Homemade jewelry cleaners are not only cheaper but also more effective than the commercial ones you get in the market.

You need,
• Water, 1 cup
• Detergent, 2 tbsp.
• Ammonia, ½ tsp.

Take a cup of water in a bowl, add the ammonia and detergent. Mix it properly and your jewelry cleaner is ready! Just be careful when you add ammonia because it has a pungent odor. You need to immerse your jewelry in the solution for about 10 minutes, clean the intricate filigree with a soft-bristled brush, rinse well, and pat dry with a soft cloth.
CAUTION : Do NOT use this solution to clean jewelry that is made of or has amber, coral, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, pearl turquoise, or any other soft or porous stone embedded in it.

You need,
• Water, 1 cup
• Dish detergent, 1 tbsp.
• Salt, 1 tbsp.
• Baking soda, 1 tbsp.

First, heat the water for two minutes. Cover the base of a glass bowl with aluminum foil and pour the water into it. Add baking soda, salt, and dish detergent. Mix well. Keep your gold-filled, brass, German nickel or silver, sterling silver, shell, freshwater pearl, or mother of pearl jewelry immersed in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly in cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

You need,
• White vinegar, 2 cups
• Flour, ½ cup
• Salt, 2 tsp.

Commingle the three ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Apply it uniformly on your jewelry pieces and leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes. After that, immerse your jewelry in warm water for a while and then use a soft-bristled brush to clean the crevices of the items. Rinse with cold water and then pat dry.
Other Viable Options
• Use 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove oil and grease from jewelry (esp. gold ones) and then wash them with cold water.

• Brushing your silver jewelry with a little non-gel white toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush for 5 – 7 minutes gives good results.

• Soak silver trinkets in piping hot tea for about 10 minutes, scrub them softly with a soft-bristled brush with some toothpaste on it, and finally, rinse them with some warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

• Immerse silver jewelry in gruel for a while, use a soft bristled brush to clean the intricate filigree, rinse with hot water, and polish dry with a towel.
It is also good sense to always use mild detergents and chemicals to clean jewelry. Use plastic hand gloves while cleaning jewelry because some detergents might cause allergic reactions. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the jewelry. Avoid using any bleach or acid for such purposes. Dispose the jewelry cleaning solution after use because its effectiveness decreases after the first time itself. The mud and grease makes it rather cloudy and thus unusable. Make a fresh batch for the next time.
Try cleaning your jewelry with the options mentioned above. They will definitely bring a new luster to your precious bits and get the sparkle back!

Tips Fashion for Women Over 50

They say, a woman’s beauty grows with her age, and she looks more and more graceful in her middle age. But women think the exact opposite. According to them, they look old with wrinkles on their faces! However, this doesn’t mean you stop dressing up and change your wardrobe into a dump of loose, light-colored clothes. Fashion is for everyone, and age has absolutely nothing to do with it as the whole motive of fashionable clothes and accessories is to please yourself and make yourself feel great!

So, if you are a woman over the age of 50, let me tell you, you are still young to try out new styles, new colors, new accessories, and of course, gorgeous “new shoes”. There are innumerable fashion tips for the older women, which can make them look fresh and youthful. So, if you are looking for such simple and effective fashion tips, take a look at the sections below.

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50
For those who want to look good, age should not be a hindrance! Many women give up on fashion, thinking that it is for the young and that they won’t look great in fashionable clothes. However, being fashionable and trendy isn’t for someone else, but to make yourself happy.

Have you ever gone shopping when you are depressed and feeling low and bought yourself something really nice and expensive? I am sure it feels great, since you please yourself. The same is with fashion for women over 50, as what you wear and how you look is most importantly to see yourself smile. There are many ways, older women can look good, and you don’t need to be slim or beautiful for that. You simply need a few fashion ideas, which is what this Buzzle post is all about. So, take a look!

Choose Your Colors
The first and most tip is to choose the colors that suit you and the ones you would prefer. You can wear any of your favorite colors as you should be comfortable wearing them. Soft shades of pink, peach, light blue, purple, browns, beige, orange, gray, khaki, etc., are great choices for dresses. You can choose other pastel colors if you are wearing tops and blouses, and darker colors like black, dark brown, chocolate, khaki, gray, etc., for lower body clothes. But make sure that the colors suit your skin tone and complement you. When in doubt, choose black and white. You can never go wrong with this combination.

Pick Your Own Fashion Statement

By the time you turn 50, you very well know what works for you. You can keep doing so even now. However, make sure that you keep up with the latest trends. After you have decided on the colors for your new wardrobe essentials, you need to find the style of clothes you will be comfortable in. If you are someone who wouldn’t mind dressing up in either casuals, semi-formals, or formals for the day, then you can choose from a range of clothes. There are various fashion styles for women over 50 available in the fashion market today.

  • While picking pants, choose the ones that fit you well and in which you feel comfortable. Skirts and wraparounds look very beautiful on older women.
  • Well-stitched or hemmed summer and evening dresses can also make you look very attractive even at the age of 50.
  • In case of other clothing like blouses, shirts, and tops, you can follow the same tip of purchasing something that fits, rather than going for a loose top. Suits look perfect and can make a woman look fabulous even at this age

Accessories Are the Ticket

Use accessories that create maximum impact. Well, when we are talking about accessories like bags, hats, jewelry, shoes, clutch purses, hair accessories, etc., make sure that you keep them up-to-date. You can use leather goods, jute, and other fabrics for your accessories like bags and purses. Wearing very high heels might just affect your back and muscles, so wedges, flats, semi-pointed heels, and other lighter footwear can be your choices. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear high heels. If you feel you can carry it off without any problem, then you can definitely flaunt them. Your jewelry is another thing that needs to be very elegant and sleek as per your age. So, preferably thin and delicate patterns would look brilliant. In addition to all these, you can also get some amazing haircuts and styles done that will enhance your look.

Well, age is a beautiful thing, so make sure that you enjoy every moment of it, and age gracefully.

Tips for Clean White Gold

To maintain the radiance and shine in your jewelry, it is necessary to clean it on a regular basis. But, did you know that the way you clean any piece of jewelry depends on its kind and make? In this article, find out the various ways in which you can clean white gold jewelry.

Every woman loves to adorn herself with jewelry. With time and constant usage, the jewelry may lose its shine and become dull, especially when it comes in contact with skin and air. In order to preserve the jewelry in its natural condition, most women, and that includes me, keep our jewelry in cloth pouches. But this, it seems is not enough, as jewelry, especially white gold, tends to become lusterless just after a few times of being used. This article teaches you how to clean white gold ornaments and help keep its shine, beauty, and newness, in check.

Take a bowl and put one tablespoon each, of plain water and ammonia, in it. Stir the solution with a spoon so that it gets blended properly.

Now take the piece of white gold that needs to be cleaned and put it in this solution. Keep it soaked in the solution for about half an hour.

After half an hour, take out the jewelry from the solution and wash it with lukewarm water.

Now take a cloth and rub the jewelry piece with it gently. You may need to rub it a number of times, till it regains its original color and shine.

Cleaning White Gold Ring

owl and put one tablespoon of lukewarm water in it. Now add one teaspoon of dish soap and two teaspoons of ethyl alcohol to it, and mix properly with a spoon. Keep on stirring till the soap gets dissolved completely.

Put the ring in this soapy solution and leave it there for about ten minutes. This will loosen the debris which gets accumulated in the ring.

After ten minutes, take the ring out of the soap water and place it on a piece of cloth. Now take a toothbrush and with it, remove all the dirt and debris from the ring.

Once you are done, keep the ring back on the cloth. The ring needs to be washed under the tap to get rid of the debris which results due to brushing it with the brush. Before doing that, put a stopper in the drain so that the ring does not get washed away into the pipe along with the water.

After blocking the drain, let the water flow freely from the tap onto the ring for about one minute. Afterwards, take a dry cloth and wipe the ring dry.

Although using the above-mentioned methods will clean your jewelry to a great extent, it is recommended that you take the jewelry piece to a jeweler for getting best results. Jewelers have an ultrasonic machine, which helps in cleaning the dirt and debris lodged even in the smallest of cracks of the jewelry. Normally, putting the white gold jewelry in two cycles of the ultrasonic machines is more than enough to clean it and make it sparkle and shine.

The methods mentioned above should be carried out at least once a month to keep the original shine and luster of your jewelry in place. However, if all these methods fail to give you the results that you desire, the reason could be that its rhodium plating has worn off. If this is the case, getting the jewelry re-plated by a jeweler is the only solution to restore it to its original appearance.

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Finding wedding gowns and dresses to wear to a wedding that cost about US $100 or below is a bit tough. Basically, the price tag on gowns depend on various aspects like designer, material used, extravagant patterns, embellishment, etc. But as women, we always look for gowns that are on sale or doesn’t cost everything we own. I mean, where is it written that we need pay more when the same dress can be easily available at lesser price, right? Plus, as we love to find reasons to go out shopping, why should a wedding be any different. These gowns and dresses have to make a statement at all times. We can’t just walk into a room wearing just anything. It has to be classy, in trend, and elegant, all at the same time. Which is why, if the task is restricted to purchasing inexpensive wedding dresses, it might take a while before we get somewhere.

Now, before you even start thinking about going to any departmental or private stores, you need to begin your search on the Internet. This is an ideal place to look for discounts and deals for modern dresses that cost less. Whether it’s your own wedding you need to shop for, or are helping a bride-to-be, there are always interesting design and pattern choices you can choose from. And what better way than to start from this article.

Gorgeous Wedding Gowns That Won’t Break Your Budget

You have to admit that you can’t buy a dress without browsing through various designs and patterns. Which is why we have compiled few images that you can go over to make your pick. If not any of these gowns, you can find inspiration and design your own gown to fit your style.

While planning a budget wedding, it becomes highly important to make as little expenses as possible so that you can spend money on the right items. Although, while buying a gown, it can be a bit tough to not think about raising your budget. However, at times you can’t help but make some sacrifices and look the other way. Now that doesn’t mean you get stuck with wearing a simple, clichéd gown. After all, this is your wedding day. Hence, I think you should let us help you in finding the gown so that you won’t have to worry at the last moment.

Satin Gown
An A-line satin fabric gown with a sweetheart neckline is always a classic look you can choose. The embellishments on the gown can be done with lace and beads, and a gorgeous chapel train to give the gown a fabulous look. To top it all, try finding a dress that’s backless. It won’t cost much but it’ll give your dress a royal appeal.

Asymmetrical Gown
Another great idea is an A-line spaghetti strap, asymmetrical gown. It works great for the reception party as well. The straps can have small white flower patterns as embellishment and appliqué with beads around the waist and straps.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses That Won’t Break Your Budget

Now don’t think that we’re not paying attention to anyone else, other than the bride. Of course, there are the bridesmaids and the guests who need an equally elegant dress for the big day. Which is why, we have some ideas presented in the following table for petite and plus-size dresses that cost US $100 or less.

What we are trying to focus here is that you can stand out in the crowd without having to spend a lot. As it is, it’s someone else’s wedding and you don’t want to go overboard or wear loud clothes that will make you the center of attention in the wrong manner. You need to look gorgeous and beautiful as a guest (or wedding party) without overshadowing the bride.

Lace or Satin Dress
If you want a vintage-style dress, how about going for a breathtaking princess A-line sweetheart satin/lace dress. The length of the dress will touch the floor and the sleeves can be made of lace (if you want sleeves). Tie a cute white beaded bow on the waist and you have a beautiful gown for your wedding.

One-shoulder Dress
Whether you want a petite or plus-size dress, one shoulder dresses work perfectly (you don’t have to be conscious about anything). Since you aren’t the one getting married, you can choose from a range of colors except for white (let’s not break the tradition here). For embellishments, see if the dress has an asymmetrical or beaded or lacy neckline that goes up to the strap. Flowing dresses always look best for weddings.

Strapless Dress
Search for some short, strapless knee-length dress. The skirt of the dress can be flowing with empire waistline. This layering looks absolutely stunning, no matter what you body shape is. Add a medium-sized bow in the back of the dress and you’re golden.

Halter Top Dress
For our final dress, let’s go slightly overboard. A slim fitting halter top dress with an asymmetrical sweeping waistline. It flatters almost all figures and gives curves where necessary. The halter neckline is ravishing if you have nice broad shoulders. And if you wanted to find an inexpensive dress, you can’t go wrong with the halter top, right?

These were our suggestions on not just gowns but cheap wedding dresses under $100. Remember, even if the wedding is just for the day, the memories and pictures are going to live on forever. Do you really want to make a mistake there? No, I presume. Then don’t wait for someone to tell you what and where to get these dresses that cost a lot less than you think. Research like crazy and ‘shop till you drop’ at the stores to find that perfect ‘wow’ outfit.