Mens Fashion Clothing

In some ways, I have always been a little bit jealous of girls. I like mens fashion clothing, but it can be so hard to express yourself. With women’s clothing, there is such a great, broad variety of different bright things to express different moods. With mens clothing, however, everything is much more subdued. Two womens dresses can be as different as night and day, but mens suits almost always look about the same. With mens apparel, you can make a fashion statement, but you are always speaking in a quiet voice.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with mens fashion clothes. Depending on what kind of statement you want to make, there is still quite a bit to do. Nowadays, with the popularity of hip-hop, mens fashion clothing is more bright and colorful than ever. Strong, bold, primary colors are where it’s at. Then again, outdoor clothing is also very popular. Mens fashion clothing takes many forms, and what might look good to one group of people won’t to another. If you really want to impress those hippie girls, wear some quiet earth tones, tan sandals, and cargo shorts. They will be fighting over you like you were tofu imitation breakfast sausage!

You have to be careful when you go to men’s fashion stores. For some reason, clothing has gotten a lot more boring lately. I blame the aggressive advertising campaigns by Old Navy and The Gap, but whatever the reason, a lot of mens fashion clothing is just boring old T-shirts dressed up with logos. The logos aren’t even interesting! If you are into this kind of mens fashion clothing, why not just buy packs of T-shirts cheap at the local JCPenney? You would save a good bit of money, and you would not look like an idiot spending money on generic looking brand-name clothing!

Fortunately, mens fashion clothing is much more interesting when it comes to formal wear. Mens formal wear never gets boring. Although there is not a lot of variety in suits, they continue to look good. It is good to know that, at least in some areas, classic ideas of design have not forever faded from the scene. Men’s fashion clothing for a night out on the town continues to look as spiffy as ever. Sometimes I dress up in a suit just because I like how it looks on me!